How are your little white penis bumps doing??


This is very ignorant, but I’m going to use your blatant insensitivity to teach others about something instead. Maybe you’ll learn a lil’ bit too. :)

Today we gon learn about sexual education, folks.

Those “little white penis bumps” you are speaking of, are actually Fordyce spots. If anyone is unfamiliar with what those are, they are sebaceous glands that appear on most human beings, as they are extremely common and you’ve likely had a sexual partner or two who have had them, hell, you may even have some yourself. You can find these small, white bumps around the lips/mouth (or inside the mouth), or possibly on the genitals, such as the vagina or penis. In some cases they may also appear elsewhere, like on the eyelids. They are completely harmless, and in fact are just a simple dermatological condition in which it is a build up of oil or could simply be a hair follicle. 

Here is an extremely close up shot of what fordyce may look like on your skin. This shot was taken of a penis.

Here is a zoomout of foreskin with them.

They are not an STD, not contagious, and do not behold any negative effects. You can seek to get them surgically removed, but again, they are completely harmless. Treatment methods to get this type of skin condition removed varies in success among patients. Sometimes the stigma/fear involving this condition really pushes people to the edge, and brings on a hefty amount of mental stress to where they even mutilate themselves to get rid of them. (so a word to the wise, be courteous when addressing such things, because some people take this topic, and general appearance subjects, in a sensitive manner)

The person who discovered fordyce spots, was actually Dr. John Addison Fordyce, an American Dermatologist. Kind of unfortunate to have your last name used for a dermatological condition, huh? Especially when people are ignorant about the topic at hand.

So to answer your question, they’re doing fine. I haven’t sought any type of treatment because quite frankly, some of my sex partners have even enjoyed them during sexplay, and actually are aware of what they are. If I wanted to have the perfect body from head to toe, I might one day get them removed, but I have no need to strive for perfection. 

Thanks for your concern though, sweet cheeks.